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Easter Sunday 2020

Read John 20:1-29 Resurrection Sunday.  The day that changed everything!  The day that displayed Jesus' victory over sin, and gave us the

Easter Sunday 20202020-04-07T15:36:50+10:00

Saturday Easter Week 2020

Read John Chapters 18-19 Today's reading is a longer one.  It is John's full account of Jesus' arrest, to his death on

Saturday Easter Week 20202020-04-07T15:27:56+10:00

Good Friday 2020

Read Isaiah 53:3-12 Isaiah is a prophet from the 8th Century BC.  It seems amazing to read this prophecy and see the

Good Friday 20202020-04-07T15:21:04+10:00

Thursday Easter Week 2020

Read John 13:1-17 It was Thursday night, the first communion.  The night before Jesus would be arrested and killed. Many would be

Thursday Easter Week 20202020-04-07T14:55:42+10:00

Wednesday Easter Week 2020

Read Daniel 1:1-16 Yesterday we reflected on how there are two ways sin corrupts our heart.  The first was by attacking God

Wednesday Easter Week 20202020-04-08T14:18:35+10:00

Tuesday Easter Week 2020

Read Psalm 24:1-6 Last week I was reading a book by Cornelius Platinga called  "Not the way it's supposed to be" which

Tuesday Easter Week 20202020-04-07T13:31:26+10:00

Monday Easter Week 2020

Read Matthew 21:1-11 Palm Sunday - Have you ever wondered why the heading in most Bibles is "The triumphal entry"?  I was

Monday Easter Week 20202020-04-07T11:26:32+10:00

Music brings us together in celebration

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Music brings us together in celebration2015-09-02T19:10:01+10:00

How do you give back to others?

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How do you give back to others?2015-06-03T19:52:54+10:00
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