Read Psalm 24:1-6

Last week I was reading a book by Cornelius Platinga called  “Not the way it’s supposed to be” which is about the effect of Sin in the world.  While reading through the book Platinga notes that a “pure heart is an undivided one: and how sin divides our hearts through polluting them.  When you put things together that aren’t meant to be together something becomes polluted.

God’s original plan for his creation is shalom, which means peace. By polluting our heart with whatever thing you are putting before God moves our focus away from God’s original design (shalom).  Platinga continues and notes there are two main ways we are disobedient to God, the first is attack.  When we rebel against God we vandalise shalom, his hope for creation.

One way we can attack is through Envy.  When envy becomes a motive in our lives we see it can become devastating.  Platinga notes that wherever you see envy you will find a wreckage of christian and human communities.  The fault line of Envy runs deep through scripture; we see it in the story of Cain and Abel, Saul and David and many others.

Another way we attack is through Pride.  Pride hijacks the commandment of loving your neighbour and focuses on loving yourself.  Putting yourself before God and people.

Reflection questions

Psalm 24 speaks about those who have clean hands and a pure heart will receive blessing and vindication from God our saviour.

  • Is your focus on the kingdom of God or on something else?
  • Do you struggle with envy and pride?
  • What do you need to change in your life for your heart to be clean?


If envy and pride are an issue for you, pray that God will help you grow the fruit of love, peace and grace as you engage with others and when you are alone.  Ask God what needs to change in your life as you reflect on the action of Christ on the Cross.  What other ways are you focusing on things other than the kingdom that you need to pray about.