Our Kids Ministry, called SBKids, is a place where kids can feel safe, have fun and learn about what it means to follow Christ.  SBKids is for kids between Kinder and Year 5 at school & SBCreche is for babies to before School.

Our Purpose:

To engage kids at their level (what ever level that be, physically, mentally, spiritually), get them excited about knowing more, and passionate about what to do next.  We aim to be relevant to their world using the bible as the best tool to find out what God has planned for everyone.

Kids Involved:

Kids are given the opportunity to serve in Church, serve one another and learn that Church is a welcoming place for all.  Kids can join the Kids Band and lead worship in church, they can join the welcoming team and as they get older they can become junior leaders in SBKids and SBCreche.

We like to include many styles of learning in our teaching, catering to all learning types – from visual learners and word learners, to hands on learners and dramatic play.

We want every child to feel God’s love through our team, and equip them to share that love with others.  So our goal is to help kids to ‘move towards God’ since we are all moving towards God throughout our Christian walk,we want to give them the right directions!

All our teachers are Creating Safe Spaces trained, and every effort is made to ensure your child is kept in a safe environment at all times.

What we do!