Youth activities include water nights


Hey Teens! Are you looking for fun youth activities in Caves Beach?  Are you ready for an adventure of faith, friendship, and fun? Look no further than CounterFlow Youth Group! We’re here to ignite your passion for Christ, connect you with like-minded teens, and empower you to live boldly for the kingdom.  We are here to have fun and have fun in a crazy way.

Spiritual Growth

Dive deep into God’s Word through interactive small group bible studies, thought-provoking discussions, and powerful testimonial sessions. Discover how to apply biblical principles to your everyday life, deepen your relationship with Jesus, and boldly live out your faith in a world that needs His light.  We want you to know more, so you can make your own decision.  We want you to want to know more, and when you do, we will be right there with you.

Youth activities include learning more about God

Youth Activities

Every night youth participate in activities specially created for their enjoyment.  They range from excursions to camps, movie nights, discos, messy and wet games.  There is plenty of opportunities for youth to meet other like minded youth, who are just looking for fun and friends.  We have a basketball court, trampoline, fire pit, giant screen.  We have a group Clash of the Clans running continually and we love just catching up.  Come and check them out!

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Youth Activities for the term

Friday nights 7pm to 9pm during school terms

Term 2 Youth Activities

Meet the team behind CounterFlow

Meet the Team behind CounterFlow

Meet our team

Youth leaders that care

Our youth leaders love CounterFlow.  They love coming up with new youth activities that engage students from Year 6 to Year 12.  They want you to have fun, and they want to support you in whatever you are doing in life.  They are willing to listen, to play basketball or to just sit and draw.