Caves Beach Gym

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Swansea District Baptist Church seeks to introduce Jesus to the community through the resources and activities of the Caves Beach Gym. We seek to be God’s face in the community and to share the salvation message with action and word. We aim to bring the vibrant light of the gospel to this community and to build intentional relationships with people in our community so that we can sow seeds of God’s love and hope in their lives.


  • The Centre will be a hub of life in the Caves Beach/Swansea area. As such it will be a meeting place for people where they will develop rich relationships and where people can safely begin a journey of physical fitness and spiritual growth without shame, fear or ridicule.
  • It will be a place where church people are engaged in the health giving activities of the Centre and are interacting with church people.
  • Our lounge area will be constantly busy with people socialising and fellowshipping together.
  • The Centre will be an effective entry point to the church.