Read Daniel 1:1-16

Yesterday we reflected on how there are two ways sin corrupts our heart.  The first was by attacking God and his creation through envy and pride and the second which we will reflect on today is flight.  Flight is when we don’t do anything when we should.

Have you ever wondered why German soldiers worked in the camps of the holocaust or why people drive past a car that is broken down?

Platinga shares a story of a lady who had finished work in America, who was walking to her car and noticed a man walking towards her.  She ran the other way and unfortunately he caught up to her and stabbed her in the side, then walked away as she was on the ground.  She yelled for help and no one did anything.  Again the man returned and stabbed her and walked away.  She yelled out he is trying to kill me and still no one came to help.  Once more the man returned and stabbed her again, finishing the job.  The police came later after someone finally called them and asked all of the people in the area why they didn’t help.  Not one of them could give an answer.

Now, this is an extreme example.  However, sometimes we fail to act when we need to.  All of us wish we could be a Daniel and stand up for what we believe, yet peer pressure and busyness makes us fail to act.  When we ignore justice and aren’t generous to those that need it, we abandon God’s plan for shalom (peace)

Reflection questions

  • How often do you notice the needs of others?
  • Are there any people or situations in your life that need attending?
  • In what ways can we have a generous heart?


What is an injustice you can be praying into this week?

Pray for a conversation you need to mend and show compassion for even if you were wrong.

Pray for God to reveal a way to be generous this week.