Read Matthew 21:1-11

Palm Sunday – Have you ever wondered why the heading in most Bibles is “The triumphal entry”?  I was reflecting on this the other day, for the death and resurrection of Jesus has not occurred yet so what is there to be triumphant about?

This passage is full of prophecy, celebration and even a donkey.  Though the crowd are cheering on someone that they thought was going to fight for them and provide this huge victory over their oppressors.  As they scream in celebration Hosanna “save us” Son of David.  They have no idea that he is about to perform the greatest moment in history through an act of suffering and mercy, instead of challenge and violence.


Reflection Questions

  • How often do you think God is going to do something one way, and instead find he does something completely different?
  • Why do you think we expect God to do things the way we want them to be?
  • How should we react when things don’t go our way in life?
  • Right now we are living in a world of unknowns, how can you trust God is in control?



As you move into the week of Easter, pray, give thanks that God is in control.  Give thanks that He has a plan for your life, even when it feels like he doesn’t.  Pray for those who need to hear the good news this Easter and how you can be used this week.