Read Isaiah 53:3-12

Isaiah is a prophet from the 8th Century BC.  It seems amazing to read this prophecy and see the Easter story all through it.  Amazing that this was 800 years before Jesus was even born.  Just in case you are a sceptic – the Isaiah scroll is the largest scroll found in the caves in Qumran in 1946, that dated to the 2nd Century BC.  It contains almost the entire book of Isaiah, including this chapter.

Jesus fulfilled so many things written in the Old Testament. This wold be one of the clearest and most amazing.  Have a look through and note in every verse how Jesus has fulfilled what was written hundreds of years before he was even born.

Note the emphasis on the suffering servant not getting what he deserved, but instead dying and suffering for others.  That includes you and me, right there in Isaiah’s prophecy in the 8th Century BC.

Reflection questions

  • What stands out for you as the most amazing clear prophecy of Jesus in this passage?
  • What sort of confidence, do you, or should you take from these fulfilment’s?
  • What isyour sense of confidence in the Bible?  Are you convinced that it is actually God talking to us?


Confess the doubts you have at times.

Ask God to instil in you a confidence in Him and His word.

Give thanks to Jesus for fulfilling and being the suffering servant.