Read John 20:1-29

Resurrection Sunday.  The day that changed everything!  The day that displayed Jesus’ victory over sin, and gave us the hope of eternal life!

It is here that we meet the first preacher of the resurrected Christ.  You could say the first evangelist.  It is not who you would expect.  It’s not Peter, James or John.  It’s Mary Magdalene.  Much has been added (wrongly) to her story in the Bible.  What we do know, is that in a culture where a woman’s testimony was normally not even valid, Mary became the first witness of the resurrection. She also became the first one Jesus sent to go and tell others of the resurrected Christ (v17).

Reflection questions

  • This is a key moment in Christianity.  Really THE key moment.  Is there any significance that God chose Mary to be the first witness and preacher of the resurrected Jesus?
  • What does the hope of resurrection mean for us?
  • What makes it so hard for people to believe Jesus rose from the dead?
  • What do doubters need?


At the end of this Easter week, pray that you would now go and live your life with the Good News of Jesus always at the front of all areas in your life.

Pray for others to know the hope of the resurrected Jesus.