Read John Chapters 18-19

Today’s reading is a longer one.  It is John’s full account of Jesus’ arrest, to his death on the cross.  Living this side of the resurrection I find it somewhat hard at times to just sit with the suffering and death of Jesus.  I live everyday in the reality of the resurrected Jesus.  I know death was not the end.  Imagine though, the disciples and Jesus’ family, and others who had hoped and believed Jesus was the Messiah.

So avoid reading the resurrection till Sunday.  On Saturday, sit with the story of suffering and death.  Feel the enormity of Jesus’ humility and love and grace.  Imagine the grief and fear of the disciples.  That was all about to change on Sunday.  But don’t skip ahead.  There is no hope without the resurrection, but there is no forgiveness without Jesus’ death.

Reflection questions

  • What key moments stand out for you in John’s telling of Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion?
  • Why has the cross become the symbol of Christianity?
  • Jesus followers are told to ‘take up our cross’ (Matthew 16:24).  What could this mean in light of what you have just read?


Give thanks for Jesus suffering and death that paid the price for your and my sin.

Ask Jesus to help you ‘take up your cross’.  Help to surrender your life of selfishness, and give completely to the Holy Spirit’s desires for your life.