Swansea Baptist Church 

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Monday and Thursday mornings at the Gym - 6.30am

Monday nights at 7.30pm - contact for latest details

Healing Prayer Nights are held once a month on Monday nights at the Church

Sunday morning prayer held in the gym before the morning service at 8.30am


Prayer ideas for kids

Prayer Dice

Made out of a thick piece of wood, cut into dice.  They were then sanded (to soften sharp edges/corners) and painted with chalkboard paint.  

On one block pictures were drawn of emotions.  Emotions we used this time were lonely, scared, worried, sad, angry and happy.  The other dice we drew different people.  We had lady, little girl, man, little boy, family and baby.

Kids roll both dice to see what to pray for.  As a group/family we talked about what sorts of people would fit that category such as lonely little girl.  Everyone shared their ideas and information.  Then the person to the right of the dice roller prayed for some of what was talked about.


Prayer and Praise Chalkboard

Place a chalkboard on the floor between the kids.  Ask them to draw/write things that they love about God.  Things that He has done for them, given them or that they think are great about Him.

Talk about them as they create, reminding each other of what God has done for us.

When finished, pray for some or all!