Swansea Baptist Church 

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Kids Activity Week

Held every year in the second week of the July School Holidays for Primary School kids.
Runs from 9.30 am to 12.30pm each day and is packed full of activities, from visiting magicians, scientists, crafts, face painting, rope walks, bible stories, awesome songs, lots and lots of laughter plus food!
Every year is a different theme, and you will get sucked into the whole environment.

KAW 2017 - Pirates

2015 Narnia

The Kids say (2017):

I liked the tyre swings and how you made everything fun
Cian. Age 10
What did you like?  Every single thing!  What didn't you like?  Nothing!
Julieanne.  Age 8
I liked the tyre swing, worship, food, flying fox, Fergus!!!!  EVERYTHING!
Ellie.  Age 10

2017 Theme: Pirates!

What the parents said in 2017:

My kids absolutely love KAW. There is so much fun to be had from face painting, dressing up to the tire swing and so much more. They look forward to it every year. The volunteers put in so much effort and make the kids feel so welcome and get them to join in on all the fun. Great value.
My son had the best time, from the craft , face painting, trampoline, flying fox and so much more but the highlight for him was the tyre swing - everyone was so wonderful donating their time and so much food - you will definitely see him next year for sure. Thanks to everyone who was involved.

What the kids & parents said in 2016:

My 4 daughters attended KAW every day, they have not stopped talking about it . . . thank you to all of those who organised this event and helped out, so many caring, kind and generous people, so nice to be a part of your community. :):):)

I'd just like to say how much I appreciate the effort your Church has gone to putting on this program.  All the effort showed in the end product and my kids had a blast.  PS The survey would only let you select one thing the kids likes, but they loved it all!!

Even though my kids could only attend for 3 days, they had a fantastic time.  Thanks very much for all your hard work your team puts in.  As a parent, it's much appreciated.

Well done, so well organised and thought out, thank you so much for all of your efforts and hard work!  (parent)


Daily: $7 per child  
Weekly: $30
Family Weekly: $50

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