Swansea Baptist Church 

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Christmas Assembly visit by Fergus and Sam at Caves Beach

SRE (Special Religious Education)
previously known as Scripture

Swansea Baptist Church believes children are important.  We also believe that to be doing Jesus' command of 'go', we need to be in the community sharing the Good News.

SRE is an opportunity to tell kids about how much God loves them.  To show them that people who follow Jesus, love them and care for them too.

Currently we use the GodSpace material in each school.

Classes run each week for approximately half an hour each week.

NSW Department of Education Religious Education Policy

Objectives - Policy statement

1.1  Schools are to allow for religious education of two distinct types: general religious education and special religious education. 

1.2  Schools are to provide meaningful activities for students whose parents have withdrawn them from special religious education. Where it is reasonably practicable and requested by a parent/caregiver, this may include the option of special education in ethics.
1.3 Curriculum for general religious education is provided as part of the Board of Studies NSW syllabuses. Curriculum for special religious education is developed and implemented by approved providers.

Current Schools 
our Team is at:

Caves Beach Primary School

Blacksmiths Primary School

Lake Munmorah Primary School

Philip and the Ethiopian official sitting in the chariot talking about the words of Isaiah.

Lego creation made by students in year one.

The chariot and a cross.  Two playdoh creations to remind them of the story.